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Uuta 48 Chevrolet

Uuta 48 Chevrolet Ute

This is a Blog to document the Rejuvenation / Restoration of a 1948 Chevrolet Ute. At the beginning we bought a rusty body and chassis in a condition that was best described as "ready for restoration" After a few months of preparation and planning another complete and running Ute was found in much beter condition. So the original body was sold off and the process started again with the new vehicle. The plan is to do a major update of the drivetrain, motor / gearbox etc. to bring it to a "modern" standard. It will be classified as a "Streetrod" for registration purposes and subject to stringent testing of all components and workmanship during construction.


WheelsPosted by Brian Tue, September 01, 2015 07:37:43
The wheels I have had for a while just happen to be a good fit on the Jaguar suspension units. So I decided to get them powdercoated and fit new tyres. One problem being that the finished colour has not been settled yet.
After much deliberation and studying colours a grey colour was chosen. This will work with a range of colours and in the interim will be okay with the standard cream paint.

Also I have had some colour made up of the original cream colour. The main reason is that at this stage we will not be doing a full respray. Until that is done we can touch up any repairs that are done to keep the original look.
The old fuel filler on the passenger side does not work with the new fuel tank and had to go. The plan is to have a concealed filler and it will be on the opposite side. The tank was removed and the filler pipe taken out too. The hole was filled by bonding a patch onto the back of the panel and painted to match with the touch up paint we had mixed.It is difficult to weld a patch into this shape panel and the access to hammer it out is not good. The bonded patch was much better in this application