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Uuta 48 Chevrolet

Uuta 48 Chevrolet Ute

This is a Blog to document the Rejuvenation / Restoration of a 1948 Chevrolet Ute. At the beginning we bought a rusty body and chassis in a condition that was best described as "ready for restoration" After a few months of preparation and planning another complete and running Ute was found in much beter condition. So the original body was sold off and the process started again with the new vehicle. The plan is to do a major update of the drivetrain, motor / gearbox etc. to bring it to a "modern" standard. It will be classified as a "Streetrod" for registration purposes and subject to stringent testing of all components and workmanship during construction.


Modifying the DrivetrainPosted by Brian Wed, December 02, 2015 08:19:58
Now that the Inspection has been done and the work is approved we can move on. The next step being to pull all the drivetrain apart and strip the chassis to the bare frame.
All suspension components and motor,gearbox etc to be taken off. Then the chassis can be cleaned and painted ready for final assembly.
Before the suspension, motor gearbox, brakes and other pieces can be bolted back together they must be refurbished. That is disassembled and inspected. Then any worn or defective parts renewed and all painted. After all that the whole chassis and drivetrain can be assembled for the final time.

The suspension units front and rear are removed now. The chassis is bare once again. All welds have been checked and tidied up. The chassis was given a thorough clean and prepared for paint.
All the new brackets and crossmembers etc were given two really good coats of antirust paint. This is made for this type of installation It is called POR 15 and is extremely tough and hard to chip once dry.

these photos shoe the chassis painted. it looks a lot better now and will not need anything done to it for a long time.
The suspension parts are also to be done with the same paint process. This means that have to be completely dismantled. While they are apart ant parts needing replacment will be done. A couple of photos of front suspension pieces.